Red, red blood
After one hour there's already simply the earth,
After two hours there are flowers and grass on it,
After three hours she's living again
And heated with the rays of the star
Called Sun... (Viktor Tsoi)

 War is a faithful, eternal and merciless companion of mankind.  Although  is it possible to distinguish between  the military actions(hostility) as a phenomenon affecting all spheres of public activity, changing not only a present but also a future for several decades ahead, and human life in general?

Long ago people learned to lead a scary statistics, dividing the time into war and peace. Scientist’s historians estimate that over the past five thousand years on the planet there were about 15,000 large and small armed conflicts. Only three hundred years out of fifty  centuries  we have lived peacefully. Sociologists, philosophers, political scientists, psychologists continue debating and discussing  theories about the causes of wars.

Invention and improvement of weapons of instant destruction over the past couple hundred years, humanity hadn’t stopped, introducing more  cruel and mass  gun of reprisal. For the first time, the term "concentration camp" appeared during the II Boer War(1899-1902). Nevertheless, the organization of camps for war prisoners  is much older. During the Civil War between the States of North and South in U.S. such prisons were used for tortures, which allowed them to compare the latest camps of totalitarian and fascist regimes.The twenty-first century despite the increase of  human rights, freedoms and human values, didn’t  lead to a decrease  of the number of armed conflicts, but increased the numbers of victims because of  the technology development.

Military cemeteries, obelisks, national memorials and museums preserve the memory and make people think. And perhaps a civilization will have a chance to learn how to resist violence.

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