Russia is a bizarre tangle of pre-Christian superstitions and orthodox traditions passed through seventy years the philosophy of materialism. The latter is particularly affected the aesthetic side, as life in general, and in all things, having regard to the affairs of the death that has become completely forbidden theme in everyday life. The real taboo imposed by public fear of a few generations before death, below which the absolute nothingness. However, neither the communist atheism, nor the christening of Russia could not get rid of the most ancient rites.

Most people do not remember the values of the rites, but many little things faithfully observed to this day. How, for example, that in the house of the deceased person mirrors should be covered with a curtain. It is believed, that dead person can see alive through the mirror reflection and can take their souls with him. For the deceased for forty days, family keeps at home a glass of water or vodka and a slice of rye bread. Certainly, after removal the coffin with the deceased from the house, the family sweeps and washes floors. Funeral repast looks more like pagan funeral feast. Where one of the mandatory dishes – pancakes (rus.- Blini), once considered a symbol of the sun among the Slavs. But there is something that is a national trait that distinguishes russian cemeteries from all the rest. In the words of russian classic Mikhail Bulgakov - "Well ... they are - people like usual people. In general, they remind the previous ones... only a housing problem spoiled them.." This is the most exciting question for the living, in a strange way found the answer in a strictly measured  and fenced cemetery plots. And any funeral services, will offer with care grave fences in the widest range and for every taste, from simple to lace - ornate.

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