Italy combines two extremes - God-fearing and easy attitude toward religious symbols and sacraments. No wonder in Vatican, not far from the residence of the Pope, to see the figures representing the priests in the comic style. Therefore, even a mournful event like a funeral for Italians rather not a sad day but and an occasion to meet many relatives. And in the farewell day with the deceased, death subject studiously avoided, and the conversations are transferred  at the recent family news. Here is where you can see not peculiar to this nation's self-restraint and calmness. And then, despite the fact that the cemetery is quite visited, headstone – is a neat formality.

As the Italians say goodbye to their deceased forever, mourning is never long, and life goes on. Burial rituals themselves are also divided into two completely opposite processes. Burial is performed with the practicality and pragmatism, not wasting even a place for a grave, and preferring more modest special funerary walls, divided into cells, and closed with marble slabs. Italian coffins around the world remain the model of luxury, style and quality, as clothing famous fashion houses. On one of the exhibitions of luxury in Verona, the most popular among the visitors was a coffin made out of gold, decorated with precious stones, and equipped with a built-in mobile phone, created with the participation of a famous designer. Value of the last refuge of the precious metal fluctuated around 280 000 euro. This product is not available pretentious to many people, but anyway the coffin is - a demonstration of the prestige and wealth. However, and foreigners could try a luck by winning the lottery- a top level funeral in the town of San Marco in-Lamis (San Marco in Lamis). The main prize - a coffin, made of expensive materials, class "de luxe" tombstone, a reserved place a the cemetery and other attributes of the burial of the dead.

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