Czech Republic

Czech, as a book  stores under the old cover many enchanting legends and mystical tales. Here, every street, house, monument, bridge, or even stream has its own story-the mysterious interweaving of reality and invention. What was true, for many centuries of existence, has acquired conjectures and variations, sometimes complementary, sometimes directly contradictable to each other, which illustrate the distinctive feature of the Czech existentialism.

For example, near the town Celakovice archaeologists  discovered a “cemetery of vampires” related to the beginning of XI century. In eleven pits  remains of 13 persons were found bound with leather straps and aspen sticks, stuck into the heart. Some of the dead also had cut off hands and heads. Research showed that buried bones belonged to  local people - exclusively to men of the same age. However, despite the aura of mystification, and perhaps because of it, the Czechs themselves, regardless  religion prefer modest funeral, without further ado, and numerous processions. And the funeral business, done exclusively on citizens' requests, focused on economy and simplicity. So in the Czech Republic  the number of cremations hqve been increased, as a special characteristic of innovation  to use special fields for dispel of ashes which reduce the useful area of the cemetery.

And what is there after death, only the ghosts know, because- "Let it be like it is, because it has never been at least something in some way"(Jaroslav Hashek)

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