“With the thought of death, I’m completely calm. Because I’m completely convinced that our spirit is a being whose nature remains unbreakable and operates continuously and forever. I am certain that I had been here  a thousand times before, and I hope to be back  a thousand times." (Goethe)

Today Taphophilia is like a hobby (tapho) “funeral” + (philia) “love, attraction”) – a concept, combining an interest in history, genealogy, literature and culture of burials. Old cemeteries are open-air museums; like works of art, many tombstones have considerable artistic value. The most famous necropolises are included in tourist guides and became a national treasure.

The project is designed and created as a virtual tour of the burial places around the world, a kind of "Encyclopedia of burials" with photos and historical references to the traditions, rituals and religious cults.

Our purpose is to popularize and attract more attention to science and research associated with a study of the Necropolises and acquaintance with that part of the history, traditions and religions, which is directly related to the death.

Also you are welcome to visit our web magazine, created as an information supplement to our visual tour, and as a useful edition for professionals.

We wish you a fascinating journey through the pages of the mysterious world of our website.


T R.I.P. team

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